QR Menu and
Online Ordering System

A Contactless & Efficient Menu Ordering
System For a Seamless Dining Experience

Our Menu Display and Online ordering System makes use of QR code technology
to ensure contactless and efficient self-ordering on your mobile device.


A QR Code Menu & Online Ordering System engages customers and empowers them to order conveniently and efficiently via their own mobile devices. It also benefits your restaurant to save costs and resources while maintaining great customer service, optimized marketing efforts and increased sales. 



Diners can scan QR Code to view menu and start self-ordering right away on their mobile devices

Dine-in Or Takeaway

Diners can select Dine-in or Takeaway Options before Ordering


Contactless Menu to browse all
food & beverage items

Database Building

Build your guest database with every diners’ information

Seamless Navigation

User-Oriented Interface enables diners to seamlessly navigate your Online menu, order food and settle the bill

Real-Time Reporting

Generate real-time reports by tracking restaurant sales, best-selling dishes, number of walk-in customers across various time periods and more

Integrated Payment Gateway

Integrate with major & secure payment gateways such as Stripe

Promote Your top sellers

Showcase your top sellers and promotions for marketing campaigns to maximize sales & views

Digitalise Your Restaurant Menu​

Need More Convincing on whether to implement a QR & Online Ordering System?


User-friendly & Easy-to-use​

With its simple user interface, your diners will be able to seamlessly navigate your QR menu, order and make payment with no hassle​

No hardware installation needed

Our QR menu and online ordering system is easy to setup as long as you have a stable internet connection. No additional hardware is needed.

Waiters Save Time & focus on other core duties​

With an easy-to-use QR Menu and Online Ordering System, diners can self-order without the assistance of your restaurant staff

Reduced Human Error & Save Time

The frequency of order mistakes are reduced significantly when diners can self-order on their own mobile devices.

New-age Platform

Cloud-based software and API integration with third-party applications

Brand Consistency

Reinforce your brand recognition by ensuring updation & highlighting of menu items and promotions are accurately reflected across all your outlets simultaneously to present consistent marketing messages